The Lion River




Pakistan’s reputation has been unfortunately tainted over years of past with several extremist groups causing security issues in the country, thankfully the dark days of fighting are over and Pakistan’s reputation and tourism industry is steadily recovering. The country is also making a mark on the kayaking community for it’s legendarily powerful whitewater found on the Indus river. Whilst the Indus is the only river featured on this edit we also kayaked the Gilgit, Astore and Hunza rivers all of which are much lower volume than the indus and contain everything from steep class 5 kayaking to perfect stretches for beginners. We where continually blown away by the friendliness and the hospitality of the local people and just how safe and easy it is to get around in this country!Our crew consisted of Adrian Mattern Bren Orton, Daniel Egger, Kristof Stursa, Sam Grafton and Thomas Neime. Not all of the kayakers feature in this video as we were committed to only using the best shots but the crew was awesome!